A Note from Hootenanny

To our creative partners and valued clients,
As we all take precautions to stay safe and healthy during this
pandemic, we need to embrace a new way of collaborating while
prioritizing the safety of our staff and our clients. That said, our
Hootenanny team, whenever possible, will be working remotely and
will have all the same capabilities we do in our studio.
Our editors will be covering all existing projects and are able to take
on any new projects as well. We have a remote working system in
place, Sohonet. This box allows our clients to review edits, realtime, as if they were sitting in a live session with an editor. In addition,
our Flame room will remain open and is able to handle any and all
finishing needs. Just make sure to let us know if any previous
projects will need to be revised so we can restore archives.
Hootenanny is committed to providing the same high level of service
as we all navigate our way through these precautions.
Please contact Executive Producer, Don Avila for assistance at 773-860-6908.

Thank you all and please stay healthy.